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NRI Service in Kolkata


While residing outside the country, being a NRI Service in Kolkata can be a significant headache. You have to deal with several issues.

There are some common questions in the mind of NRIs regarding taxes, home loans, documents, payment methods, loans, and much more. But the most severe problem is finding a trustworthy individual to look after the property, which is associated with solving various rental issues, repairing, maintaining a good relationship with the owner, etc. So here, Metro management has come to solve all your problems on a pocket-friendly budget.

Do you possess any property in India being an NRI? Then it would be best if you related to these common headaches of maintaining a property from the outside. Investing in any real estate is a safe decision but maintaining it from several hundred kilometers away is, by far, the most hectic.

A good home management service can be your life saver in this case.

Common Problems An NRI may Face:

We claim that you must have faced a lot of problems for being an NRI property owner. First of all you have to think about documents and loans and the eligibility criteria to apply for loans. However it is not possible for you to come over and over again to India to solve bank related issues.

On the other side Another common issue that an NRI may face is tax-related. We know you must call up the regulations of both countries (foreign and India), which takes work. Not only that, you have to pay taxes from time to time. It can be a tiresome job for an NRI.

If you are on rent, you have connected with the landowner at some points. There is also a hectic issue of renewing the agreement papers after a specific time. So all these can increase your burden of workload. At that time, you may need friendly NRI services in India.

People are getting scattered for services and other reasons in today’s world. In this case, taking care of the property from a foreign country takes much work. You may have relatives in India, but that can’t solve the problem. In such cases, you may need NRI services in India.

It is almost impossible for an NRI to look after every tiny detail of maintaining the property. Being an NRI, you must call the plumber to settle an argument with the neighbors from a distance. Sometimes, there is a chance of getting cheated while handling this. At this point, NRI services Kolkata can stand by your side.

You can’t depend on a random service to solve all these issues. As these are sensitive issues, trustworthy services matter a lot. Of course, you will not like to share your details with an anonymous person. Like us, professional NRI services in Kolkata can deal with all your sensitive information without transferring it to any third parties.

Our Special Services For the NRIs:

Metro management is primarily known for its unmatchable services. From buying any property to maintaining it, you can always find us as your trustworthy advisor.

Metro management provides special NRI services, especially for people like you who want a hassle-free management service. We have special packages for the NRIs that you can avail of in one facility. Our unique NRI services in Kolkata promise the facilities like:

● The Best Service in Pocket-Friendly Budget:

We have repeatedly stated that Metro management is responsible for providing you with your perfect home. They put much effort into making relevant and effective services. We are offering the top rental property available. One of the main reasons we found ourselves as a home management company in India was to maximize your benefit.

● Manage Property From Outside The Country:

By hiring Metro management, you can manage your property outside the country. We can handle everything by repairing a tap to look over the legal services. In fact, after solving the issue, we send pictures of before and after the benefits if you need any changes, so that You can ultimately be tension-free.

● Handles Tax and Other Payments:

Paying taxes and other rental dues are another hassles for the NRIs. We understand that residing far from the country is difficult. It is almost impossible for you to remember so many tax payment dates. We even pay the rent and taxes on your behalf.

● A Bridge Between The Landowner and The Buyer:

If you are on rent, you must make frequent contact with your landowner. Metro management, one of the best NRI services in India, acts as a representative of you. We deal with the problem raised and solve it by taking your concern.

You may not believe it, but our NRI Kolkata services are open every day of the week, 24 hours a day. You can trust our hard-working team members to take care of any problem. We offer an exclusive NRI service in India. NRIs like you who require constant communication with their landlord will benefit from it.

Metro management is your best friend before investing in NRI services in Kolkata. We act as a bridge between you and the landlord. We are experts at handling any issues that arise before and after you buy the property.


Our services speak for us. We can be the best choice for you if you are looking for a personal and trustworthy service for the NRIs. Come to us, and you, yourself, can see the difference.

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