Metro Management: The Best Property Management in Kolkata

Property management company in kolkata

Introduction: Are you searching for the best property management company in Kolkata? We understand that finding the best property takes work in Kolkata. Especially if you are living outside of India or an NRI, the situation may be more difficult. It can be hectic for you if you are still looking for a property dealer who can find the best comfort for you.

We understand your worry, and that’s why we are. Especially being an outsider, it is natural for you to hesitate at first. At Metro Management, we know that initially trusting someone, especially before buying property, takes work.

That is why our service provides a one-stop solution to all your problems.

Reasons to Hire us as Your Property Management Adviser:

Finding a suitable property can be stressful without proper guidance. We understand that buying a property means much investment over a long time. So your tension is entirely justifiable. Metro management is the best property management company in Kolkata. Let’s find the reasons to hire us.

● Reach to us at Any Odd Hour

No fake consolation; we are open 24×7 for your best comfort. We have a unique NRI service in Kolkata. It will benefit NRIs like you, who must reach the landlord anytime. You can trust our dedicated team for any problem that may arise.

● Timely Maintenance

Proper repairing and maintenance services could be your headache before buying a property, but not now. One of the most prominent reasons to hire us is our fast and quick services in the field of repair and management. You are at the right place finally at metro management, where we resolve the issue of a cracked wall to plumber problem.

● A 360° Protection

Metro management is the best property management company in Kolkata for a reason. You at us will get 360° services from collecting rent to solving issues with neighbors. We even look after any of your discomfort with other tenants. Our service doesn’t finish by merely handing over the keys.

● Don’t Worry About Legal Services

Are you worried about rent? Do you have the slightest confusion about the legal process? Leave it on us. Metro management is liable to provide you with a hassle-free service. We have a specialist team to deal with legal issues. So you need not worry about these administrative hassles, and you can freely enjoy your new property.

● Get The Best Value for Money Property

We always claim that Metro management is responsible for providing you with your dream property. That’s why we will place before you the best rental facility available in the market. We put our best effort into a proper and effective advertisement. Moreover, we aim to maximize your benefit, and that’s one of the imperative reasons why Javed made us a trustworthy property management company in Kolkata.

● Investment at The Right Place

The value and costs associated with rental services are undoubtedly increasing, and the cases of manipulation and fraud increase. So seeking the help of a professional before investing in real estate would benefit you. Metro management has a dedicated team to guide you about insurance costs, hidden interests, and other costs of maintenance.

● An Easy Vendor Management Service

Are you worried about vendors? Do you need to contact suppliers and merchants? Don’t worry; we are here for that too. Working with untimely vendors can impact your reputation, especially for you, for whom punctuality matters a lot. We have all those services ready at your doorstep to provide complete comfort.

● Be Tension Free about Taxes

Tax returns and deductions are another hassles after investing in a property. We are always at your service if you need advice regarding tax and documentation. You will be relaxed to know that our services are tax-deductible. Are you feeling relieved now? Metro management, the property management Kolkata, is your best tax assistant now.

● No Boundary in Enjoying Freedom

We know that sometimes the buyer would have to compromise his freedom after buying a property. Rental service is becoming a business for a few people, and that’s why the buyers have to have problems. But not anymore with Metro management. We look after all the residential and maintenance procedures before offering them to you so that you can live your life the way you want.

● Building a Bridge of Trust

Metro management is the most trustworthy friend you can believe blindly before investing. We work as a bridge between you and the landlord and are here to solve all the issues that may arise before and even after buying the property. We don’t just communicate over the phone and leave you alone. Our team is liable to help you in every odd situation.

Services Provided by us

We provide top-notch property dealings and management services.

● Promoting and leasing a property

● Giving assortment and Store in lease

● Help in ownership

● Handling Property Keys

● Support and Fixes all the property related issues

● Tenure Management

● Interior for Rentals

Hire us & Avail The Benefits

● A Trustworthy Experience

Metro management always believes in providing an excellent service that you can trust. Our Experienced team does much research to find your dream project. That is why you can differentiate our service from other property management companies in India.

● Communicate With Us at Any Time

We leave no stone unturned to improve our services. Our customer care team is always ready to help you with any issue. We do not just make false promises. We are dedicated to making every penny of you worthy.

How to Avail Our Services

Maintain some easy steps stated below, and you are eligible as our precious consumer.

● Step One: The house owner agrees with metro management to give his property on rent.
● Step Two: Metro management finds the best possible tenants and gives ideas about the property documents and conditions.
● Step Three: After taking the tenant’s consent, we go for the owner’s approval.
● Step Four: All verifications shall be completed, and the tenant and the owner will sign the agreement paper.
● Step Five: The tenant deposits the rent on the owner’s account.

But our services do not end here. We maintain our relationship with both parties until the end of the agreement.


Purchasing a real estate property or giving it on rent- both are daunting tasks. That is why we intervene in between to help you to get the property of your choice.